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About Us

Engineering Market Leader

Cummins Turbo Technologies is at the cutting edge of engineering design, producing some of the most durable and innovative turbochargers to meet global challenges of emissions reduction, fuel consumption and total cost of ownership for engine systems from 4 to 160 litres. The Holset Turbochargers brand is synonymous with turbocharger and airflow management excellence, relied upon for engineering excellence, precision manufacturing and the reassurance of comprehensive aftermarket support for OEMs and end users across the globe.

60 Years of Innovation

Founded in 1952 in Huddersfield, UK, the Company has grown to become a market leader for turbochargers in the commercial vehicle market. We have a network of technical, manufacturing and service centres worldwide attracting engineering talent and industry leaders who serve global customer requirements. Our focus is on refining current technologies and spearheading next generation developments for diverse and demanding operating environments with our partner customers. Innovative engineering programmes have led to a wide variety of durable technical solutions including wastegated, sliding wall variable geometry, power turbine, two-stage and waste heat turbine expander systems.

Engine System Expertise

As part of the Cummins’ Components group of companies, we remain at the forefront of engine system developments from air in to exhaust out to deliver maximum value to our customer partners. Proprietary analysis-led design and system integration enables optimum technology development with diverse engineering teams working closely with OEM engineers to optimise efficiency and total cost of ownership for each and every application.