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Holset Engineering Co. Ltd. was incorporated on 29 March as a subsidiary of BHD Engineering. The company had been manufacturing couplings and dampers since 1948 and developed a reputation for product dependability, performance and longevity.

25 employees, £45,000 sales turnover, Paul Croset MD.


New offices and Bay 1 replaced the wooden shed. Holset's commitment to leading technology, quality products and customer value ensured that customers in the 1950s, including Rolls-Royce, Volvo, Scania and Jaguar, were maintained for many years.

42 employees, £98,000 sales turnover, Paul Croset MD


Licence granted by inventor of the turbocharger, Dr. Alfred Buchi, for the manufacture and sale of exhaust gas driven turbochargers; Holset's technical and manufacturing research into turbocharging had begun.

110 employees, £146,000 sales turnover, Paul Croset MD.


Manufacturing expanded and Bay 3 was built after the signing of a licence with Schwitzer in 1952. Holset was uniquely placed to handle all combustion engine torsional vibration developments.

155 employees, £585,000 sales turnover, Paul Croset MD.


80% of Holset's turbocharger production in Huddersfield was now being exported. Test cells checked all turbochargers met design ratings prior to dispatch worldwide.

240 employees, £850,000 sales turnover, Paul Croset MD.


The 25,000th turbocharger was produced. Bay 9 was constructed to meet increasing demand for turbochargers, dampers and fan drives.

412 employees, £1.85 million sales turnover, Paul Croset MD.


Employees respond magnificently to the fire that destroyed production and administration facilities. Emergency manufacturing units were set up with customers and suppliers to ensure that delivery dates were still met.

890 employees, £3.08 million sales turnover, Paul Croset MD.


Office block 2 was constructed to provide a state-of-the-art working environment for employees. Holset exhibited a range of crankshaft vibration dampers, viscous fan drives and turbochargers at the Commercial Motor Show at Earl's Court, London.

1,100 employees, £4.9 million sales turnover, Paul Croset MD.


Paul Croset was appointed Chairman of the BHD Board and Ron Hesselden took over as MD of Holset. A new record output of 1,422 turbochargers per week was achieved and a new warehouse opened.

1,155 employees, £5.05 million sales turnover, Ron Hesselden MD.


Cummins Engine Company purchased Holset, recognising its status as market leader in turbocharging. Manufacturing capabilities were expanded into Indiana, the start of Holset's worldwide expansion.

1,535 employees, £8.11 million sales turnover, Ron Hesselden MD


Holset turbochargers were approved on new engines at Volvo, Scania, Chrysler-Espana, MAN, Perkins, Allis-Chalmer, Cummins, Fiat and David Brown tractors. John Stanton was appointed MD during the 25th anniversary year for Holset.

1,752 employees, £22.85 million sales turnover, John Stanton MD.


The 1 millionth Holset turbocharger came off the assembly line. The 14 litre E290 Cummins engine was released, the first Cummins engine to include a Huddersfield designed Holset turbocharger.

1,677 employees, £26.2 million sales turnover, John Stanton MD.


Tim Solso joined Holset as the new MD. He was later to become the new Chairman and CEO of Cummins Inc. The market for turbocharger spares reached record level.

1,515 employees, £32.96 million sales turnover, Tim Solso MD.


Holset Aftermarket was established to sell turbochargers and spare parts via a worldwide network of independent distributors. Holset Turbochargers reign in motorsport began with victory in the Indy Race Car Championship and debut in F1.
1,240 employees, £29.27 million sales turnover, Tim Solso MD.


Joe Loughrey appointed as MD. He was later to become President and Vice Chairman, Cummins Inc. Rick Mears won the Indy 500 in a Holset Penske car at an average speed of 163.612 kph.

1,214 employees, £39.67 million sales turnover, Joe Loughrey MD.


Overseas expansion continued into Brazil under Rick Stoner MD, who joined the previous year. The Cummins-Holset Penske car won the Indy 500 for the fourth successive year with Al Unser.
1,322 employees, £48.45 million sales turnover, Rick Stoner MD.


Increased demand for turbochargers from Cummins and other North American customers led to the opening of the Charleston plant. Production started in March 1990, with an initial capacity of 1,000 turbochargers per day.  

1,769 employees, £62.2 million sales turnover, Rick Stoner MD.


The first truck engine with Holset turbocompounding went into series production with Scania. Holset were also first to market with heavy-duty wastegate turbocharging for the Iveco Euro Tech truck enabling downsizing to improve fuel economy.
Rick Stoner MD.


Development in the 1980s of two-stage turbocharging led to the launch of the Cummins KT50 engine for mining equipment, locomotives and power generation.

Rick Stoner MD.


A joint venture agreement was signed with Tata Motors opening manufacturing and sales operations in India.

Jim Sweetham MD.



Tom Linebarger was appointed MD. He was later to become President and COO of Cummins Inc. Holset became a company focused on turbocharging technology following the sale of the vibration damper business the previous year.

US$197 million sales turnover, Tom Linebarger MD.


David Moorhouse replaced Tom Linebarger as MD. The Worldwide Technical Centre was opened in Huddersfield and the world's first sliding wall Variable Geometry Turbocharger was launched.

868 employees. US$209 million sales turnover. David Moorhouse MD