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Our Heritage

Global Technology Leader

Holset was incorporated as a Limited Company in 1952 and acquired by Cummins Inc. in 1973. The company changed it's name to Cummins Turbo Technologies in 2006. Today Cummins Turbo Technologies is leading the way in turbocharger design and manufacture, with sales of over $1billion per annum. Our rich company heritage and engineering expertise has been instrumental in positioning us as a global technology leader delivering the technology of the future.

Humble Beginnings, Strong Vision

Starting life in a simple wooden hut, Paul Croset's early vision for his company focused on developing critical components for diesel engines. Through his drive and commitment to succeed and vision for innovative technologies, a world class reputation was soon established with some of the major European diesel engine customers; laying down a solid foundation for growth.

Evolution of a Global Engineering Brand

The 1980s was a key period for Holset as the company started to seek out foreign markets. This was a shrewd move catapulting a small Yorkshire-based company in Huddersfield, UK to establishing important networks and capabilities in new markets. Investment in our global capabilities has continued, to ensure we can support local markets effectively. Our established sites in Brazil, China, India, The Netherlands and the USA provide technical, sales and manufacturing support for our customers.

Extensive Engineering Heritage

Throughout its 60 year history, Cummins Turbo Technologies has trained and developed specialists and experts across all the key fields of engineering. Continued investment in expertise helps us to serve our customers with products and technologies that are developed to exacting standards, rigourously tested and analysed. This inherent expertise is relied upon by our customers, supporting relationships where this knowledge and understanding can be shared to make informed choices that will ultimately deliver the ideal solution.

Next Generation Products

Diesel engineers Paul and Louis Croset were successful due to their forward thinking vision. They knew that to stay competitive, the diesel truck engine had to be turbocharged. Today we continue to look forward using our advanced engineering groups to track future market trends and our next generation of products are proof of how this is working in practice.