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We Understand Engines

We Understand Engines

Long-standing partnerships with global engine manufacturers and our unique engineering heritage as part of Cummins, has deepened our knowledge of engine systems. Our close customer relationships have informed the development of a wide portfolio of turbocharger technologies as a critical, integral component that is capable of improving the fuel efficiency of modern diesel engines, as well as informed the research and development that is shaping our future product range.

Engine System Integration

Our customers expect more from their engines. Cummins Turbo Technologies works in partnership to develop the optimum solution for customers who have applications with high power rating with little margin for error. Developing reliable and durable turbochargers for a wide range of arduous, highly cyclic, high altitude and high temperature applications requires unrivalled global expertise and capabilities that are transferable across the product range.

Analysis-led Design and System Integration

Our specialist engineers lead a comprehensive design process incorporating world-class development resources and rigorous analysis, simulation and testing. Analysis tools enable comprehensive, right-first-time turbo selection and engine performance prediction.