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Turbo Expertise

Diverse Engineering Expertise

Our product range is as diverse as the market we serve, with 10 turbocharger platforms available from the 200 to 1000 series. Such a diverse product range demands diverse expertise which our specialist, in-house engineering teams deliver at all stages of the design process:

Applied Mechanics team - understand the complex stresses critical to ensuring turbocharger durability
Mechatronics specialists - develop a choice of actuators with on-board electronics to communicate with the engine
Material research - aims to reduce wear, corrosion and fouling, and enables cost effective selection for specific applications
Aerodynamics team - developed world first innovations such as the widest compressor map width of any turbocharger available and the most popular variable geometry brand; Holset VGT™ in heavy-duty markets worldwide.

With our in-house engineering specialists, we can lead advanced engineering programmes and work in collaboration with our customers to produce turbocharger technologies with superior performance and efficiency.

First Choice for Future Technologies

With a solid foundation of specialist knowledge, engineering capability and world-class technical centres, Cummins Turbo Technologies is well placed to research and develop advanced technologies for a next generation of products. Our close working relationship with customers has informed the research and development that is shaping our future product range, leading to the creation of a new generation of technologies. We don’t simply provide off-the-shelf products, we develop advanced technological solutions that are ‘fit for market’, in partnership to meet customers’ specific requirements.

Over 60 Years of Engineering Excellence

Our engineering heritage is rooted in the development of strategic components for commercial diesel engines to improve performance and efficiency. We have built on this knowledge and experience year on year, refined our processes and capabilities, attracted and developed the right talent and designed turbocharger technologies for diverse markets. Our experience and expertise is proven in the field and our culture of improvement means we constantly learn from our experience and create the right environment for innovation. This unique legacy of focused technical development has led to unrivalled expertise in automotive, on- and off-highway, power generation and marine applications.